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At the end of the day no one will care about the success
of your financial plan more than you.

I won’t say I learned that the hard way, but I learned it an atypical way. That adage has helped me unlock my own version of financial independence in ways that no university or financial system ever has. I grew up with a traditional mindset about money. The trajectory was clear, static, but not necessarily “predictable.”

I would go to a good college. College would lead to a good job where I would max out my company sponsored qualified plan. I’d do my time, earn my keep, watch the days tick down to retirement, and then when it came time to retire, I’d hope that I had done enough. I would hope that my job made enough money, and hope for a good run in the stock market. I would put in the time and hope for a reward that I couldn’t predict. With my map so “clearly” laid out, I got a job after college and entered the workforce; I soon discovered why they call it “The Rat Race.”

Rat Race: An Endless, Self-Defeating, Pointless Pursuit.

My Own Personal Rat Race

When I realized that my post grad job wasn’t paying enough to get me where I wanted to go I started studying for my masters degree at nights.  Working long and exhausting weeks, consisting of overtime and taking work calls on holidays, commuting to Indiana Monday-Friday, taking the Friday Red Eye home to spend tired weekends with my family. I was trying to climb the corporate ladder, and even though I did technically “climb,” 2008 woke me up to the fact that I could never climb out of the maze entirely if I were to keep following the same old advice of go to school, get a good job, and blindly put money in my Qualified Plan deferring taxes and relying on the market. I was simply chasing my tail and waiting for wealth to arrive.

Over the years I worked hard. With every increase in pay I funneled more money into my savings. With time, I stopped checking my 401k balance as frequently because I felt like that money didn’t really exist. The balance seemed to roller coaster on a whim, no matter how hard I was working, which left me with an uncomfortable sensation that I was not in control of my retirement.

2008 confirmed this suspicion: I, like so many others, saw my retirement plans plummet, and dragged my hopes along with it. Despite my hard work, I lost more than half of my accumulated savings in a matter of months.

I felt the similar shock and anger of many Americans, but the disillusionment I experienced with “the system” was ultimately a productive experience; it gave me the conviction I needed to bunk traditional methods of creating, measuring, and maintaining wealth. I began to realize that no one cared more about the success of my financial plan than me.

Daring to escape the Rat Race, I used the long hours I spent on planes to delve into books that offered me a personal financial education. Even though I had secured a Master’s Degree in finance, I quickly realized that everything I had been taught was how to make others money. I had been taught how to build and manage corporate budgets, generate company revenue, and even taking companies public, but I had no idea how to grow wealth on a personal level.

The literature I found initially confirmed what “they’d been telling me” all along. It wasn’t until I read “Rich Dad Poor Dad” that I had a monumental paradigm shift and realized that most of what I had been taught and had taken for financial truth was actually archaic and no longer effective in the modern finance. This book led me down a path that helped my find and develop the financial strategy that I use today. I researched and developed a system that offered me more control over my family’s financial outcome. This system focused on cash flow as the true measure of financial success and not the elusive net worth status symbol of Wall Street.

For the last seven years I have been applying the principles I learned on those late night red eye flights, principles that debunk financial plans based on hope. Where I used to hope the stock market performed, and hope that taxes would stay low, and hope that my investments would perform as advertised, I finally gained something infinitely more valuable than hope: Control. I’ve unlocked a personal path to achieving financial independence as well as a system of money management that I am passionate about sharing.

While no one should care about your financial plan more than you, I am able to completely empathize with those wanting to take control of their financial situation and have more confidence and predictability over the outcome of their financial endeavors.   I promise to care equally about your financial success. Today I teach a similar system to the one I uncovered for myself: a clearly defined and actionable system that gives you complete control over your finances. I am excited to help you obtain the personal brand of financial independence that you need and deserve.

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