Financial Independence

How YOU Can Achieve Financial Independence In 10 Years Or Less

The Ultimate Guide to Financial Independence

No matter who you are, or what stage of your financial journey you are in, we share something in common.  Our collective goal is to have Financial Independence.  Life is too short for anything less.

Over the years my quest, my financial climb, has been to do exactly this.  In doing so, I have found one truth…wealth is not measured in dollars, it’s measured in time.  What I mean by this is it doesn’t matter how much money you have accumulated in some account.  Wealth only matters when we can translate it to a stream of income, or Cash Flow, becasue this is what gives you time freedom.

Today we call this retirement.  When you think you have saved enough to stop working and transition into a life funded by your savings.  I’m here to tell you that for most people, traditional financial planning doesn’t work.  I see it everyday.  Clients come into my office and tell me how hard they have worked and how little they have to show for it.  It is sad.

My sole focus as a financial straggliest is to help you discover the unique strategies to achieve more time freedom in your life so you can live the life you were meant to live.

Building a system that ensures wealth

Building wealth is like playing a game governed by rules.   When you don’t know the rules of the game you will always get less than desired results and too often fall victim to those who do know the rules.  Today too many people find themselves using an outdated financial plan and as

How To Build The RIGHT Financial Foundation

(That you won’t learn from your financial adviser)

The sad reality of the financial world we live in today is that IT IS NOT WORKING for most people.  We hear it all the time.  The rich get richer and the poor are getting poorer.  The middle class is getting phased out.  While everything is not as fatalistic as it seems, there are daunting realities we must face about the American economic system.

We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.”  – Albert Einstein

Doing things that are different than what others are doing is challenging, no doubt.  It takes personal conviction and confidence to go against the herd.  Unfortunately for most the course of least resistance is the one most traveled by savers today.

Forging a new path can be scary, no doubt.  But doing something different is likely the only way you will achieve the financial independence that you seek.

The herd mentality is destructive.  Consider this question: If only a minority of people are wealthy, why would you follow what the majority of people do financially?

True principles of building wealth exist.  But these principles are utilized by only the minority of people, not the majority.

Don’t be average.  Have the courage to be different, climb higher.  Become financially independent.


The Four Step Formula to Transform Your Financial Plan

With the right formula anything is possible.  This simple Four Step formula will show you exactly what is not working and how to fix the inherent problems so you can truly achieve the Financial Independence that you want.

shutterstock_267552527Step 1: Savers Are Losers

In today’s Financial world most people don’t recognize that there is a problem.


mapStep 2: Cash Flow VS. Net Worth

The first thing that you must understand is exactly why you are saving.  Contrary to what we have been taught by Wall Street you are not saving for a big 401(k) or IRA balance.  Saving just to have a large balance in your account is pointless until we know how your savings, or Net Worth, translates into income.  Making the shift from focusing exclusively on investments that you think will provide the most growth, or biggest account balance, to focusing first on how the investment produces income or cash flow is the map that will lead you to the results you really want.  Financial Independence is a simple equation.  When your cash flow, from your assets, exceeds your expenses you are perpetually wealthy.  Wealth is measured in time not dollars.

compass blueStep 3: Core Four + Four Pillars

On any journey one of the most vital tools you can have is a compass.  Simply a compass keeps you on track.  If you stray from your intended path you can quickly recognize that you are off track and recalibrate your course.  With our Financial plans we need to have the same ability to make better financial decisions more often always keeping us on track.  On your financial journey Cash Flow functions as your map determining exactly what peak you want to reach, and the Core Four is your compass to keep you on track. The Core Four is a set of criteria that you can measure any investment option that you are presented with to determine if it is the right option for you.  With the Core Four serving as your compass the Four Pillars is a way to categorize investment options with the most potential upside or investment return.  Contrary to what we are told by Wall Street there are investments that can provide a higher overall return becasue you make money in multiple ways.

PackStep 4: The Wealth Angle

Once you know why you are saving (Cash Flow) and how to make the best investment choices (Core Four + Four Pillars) we need a plan to put it all together.  For any hiker a pack is the key to success.  Giving you the ability to pack what you need to accomplish the intended journey is key.  In the financial world we are told that one of the single most important factors in building wealth is asset allocation.  It is not as much what we invest in, but how well we are diversified, that is the key to success for long term wealth accumulation.  Well while this is right the application of the principle is complete wrong.  The Final, and most critical, piece to having a plan geared for Financial Independence is your system.

To Learn more about how to build your a Foundation geared toward helping you achieve Financial Independence please continue to watch the four part webinar series below.

1. Savers Are Losers

The game of money has changed.  Those who understand the new rules to Financial Independence are thriving.

2. Net Worth vs. Cash Flow

Learn how to position all of your savings efforts on the single most important aspect of financial planning; cash flow.

3. Core Four & Four Pillars

Learn the key strategies to focus your efforts on only acquiring the right assets for the right reasons avoiding costly mistakes and setbacks.

4. The Wealth Angle

Discover the unique way to systematically build your financial plan.

What’s Next

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