The Adventure Begins

The Altitude Wealth Experience:

Perspective Through Elevated Understanding

It’s right in front of you: a massive mountain in all its glory. The clouds beat against the highest summit, and the snow cascades down its ridges. Your conquering spirit aches to strap on a pair of boots and begin the ascent up the mountain. The grandeur of the mountain commands respect.

You know that if you want to have a successful overall journey it will require careful planning and preparation to both ascend and descend the mountain effectively. This fictional mountain journey is akin to our financial journey in life.

There are two monumentally important aspects of our financial journey accumulating assets, which is akin to the ascending the mountain and then subsequently turning our accumulated assets into a lasting stream of income, which is similar to the descent down the mountain. Understanding and preparing for both phases of the mountain climb are essential to having a successful journey. The same is so with our financial journeys.

Each of the 10 Sections is a stand-alone course designed to solve a specific problem in the wealth-building journey and produce a specific outcome. The entire 10-phase curriculum provides one big transformation – financial independence – that is broken down into multiple smaller transformations that must occur to reach the goal.

The only difference between participants is which step you pick as your starting point based on where you’re at in your wealth building journey right now. That will tell you which specific solution is the appropriate next step for you.

The way it works is each step in this series builds logically upon the previous step similar to scaling a mountain. There are multiple phases of the journey each one building on the previous all leading to a successful overall journey.

The next step is up to you – let’s get going.


gettingStarted11. Base Camp: Financial Foundation

Knowledge Acquired:

1. The purpose of all saving
2. How to make the right financial decisions and how to [continue?]
3. The power of starting your journey on the right foot

A journey of 1000 miles begins with the first step. Our financial journey is no different. Starting on the right foot is the difference between you becoming a statistic of all the many Americans who are struggling financially and one of the limited few who strategically engineer personal wealth. Starting on the right foot can both accelerate the effectiveness of the overall journey as well as help us efficiently arrive at our intended destination.

The problem with most financial plans today is that most people do not know the fundamental principles required to grow sustainable wealth. Without a solid financial foundation, the masses blindly chose mutual funds, because that is what everyone else is doing, and hope for the best.

The Grim reality is that it is not working for most people. Building wealth is not hard, nor does it require advanced knowledge in stock picking. It does require, however a fundamental understand of a few key principles. These principles are timeless and when used will provide the context where by all future wealth can be built upon.

Learn how to navigate, how to stay on track, and the most efficient route to summit your mountain

You Need To Know Where To Go And How You Will Get There First (Only then can you choose the right investment vehicle to take you there).

There is a required series of action steps that must be mapped out in a strategic order before any of the resulting wealth can be invested

The most important action is maximizing your savings rate as a percent of your income.
Collectively we have made the process of building wealth too big and seem too hard. Weather by intention or not this notion that you are not capable of building wealth without the help of Wall Street is destructive.

By and large the lackluster results of the professionals

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2. Starting Out: Your Pack

Knowledge Acquired:

1. The critical number essential to achieving financial independence
2. The power of focus and commitment

When you start out on your wealth-building journey with the right knowledge gained at Financial Base Camp you are now poised to now make the ascent up your financial mountain.

Just as the height of a skyscraper is limited by the depth and strength of its foundation, the same is true with your wealth. Building your wealth atop a solid foundation of knowledge and control combined with the right tools will enable you to scale your wealth plan to new heights.

With the foundation in place, the next critical step required to enable you to reach your financial goals is the rate at which you save. This might sound like the least glamorous place to start and you will likely never hear this from most financial advisers but this is the single most important choice you have to make to achieve Financial Independence.

Because most people do not make this decision, they end up saving only a small portion of their income (today just over 5%) and hope to get big growth results by taking more risk in the stock market.

Achieving financial independence is not by chance and taking more risk with your savings will never work. In this section of education, you will learn the system that will enable you to accomplish multiple uses of your capital.

“It’s not what you earn, it’s what you keep.”

No matter how much you make during your earning years you must have a simple system to keep more of that money. Your savings rate, or the portion of money you keep after expenses, is what will provide financial independence.

The next key to building wealth outside of Wall Street is to have an unbreakable commitment to achieving personal financial independence. Consider this question: If only a minority of people are wealthy, why would you follow what the majority of people do financially?

Doing things differently is challenging for sure. It takes personal conviction and confidence to go against the herd. Unfortunately, the course of least resistance is the one most traveled by savers today. Doing something different is likely the only way you will achieve the financial independence that you seek.

While it is easy to glance over this word and take it for granted that you are committed one must truly be committed to growing wealth in order form them to be successful. The world that we live in today is one of instant gratification. If we want something, it is too easy to simply use credit, and have that shiny something today.

To have what others never will requires a personal commitment to success so you push yourself to do what others will not. In short, you must do what others will not, so you can have what others never will.

Don’t be average. Have the courage to be different, climb higher. Become financially independent.

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Veering Off Course! – Financial MYTHconceptions

Knowledge Acquired:

1. The difference between half-truth’s and absolute truths
2. The danger of building your financial plan without a full understanding of the tools you’re using

What if nearly everything you have been taught about finances and investing was a dangerous half-truth? There is a fundamental difference between an absolute truth and a half-truth. With a half-truth, you have both a lie and truth mixed together.

While the majority of financial advisors are well-intentioned in their mechanical advice it is all to often a dangerous half-truth. The evidence is clear. The majority of Americans, following traditional advice, are not getting what they thought.
In this section we will examine both the myths and misconceptions (myth + misconception = mythconceptions) and the costly effects of these half-truths.

In this section you will learn about the destructive half-truths perpetuated by traditional financial advice. Finally, armed with the knowledge of what these dangerous financial Mythconceptions are, you will also have the knowledge of what to do to avoid the well-worn path of mediocrity and elevate your financial goals with a sure financial path.


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1. Section Introduction

Introduction to the most powerful wealth tool and how you can use it to reach your financial summit

2. The Cash Flow Account

Breaking the destructive myths of accumulation and how to make your Growth plan more effective

3. Compound Vs. Simple Interest

Learn how to ALWAYS capture one of the most essential elements to growing wealth; compound interest

When you have finished watching all three videos, you’ll be ready to launch into Wealth Acceleration Strategies. I’ll see you in Video Series 2 down below!


Video Series 2: Wealth Acceleration Strategies

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1. Section Introduction

Introduction to making your money and wealth accumulation more impactful using controlled leverage

2. The “And 1” Asset

Using Controlled Leverage discover how you can accelerate your wealth building endeavors

3. Duel Compounding

What if you could have your money simultaneously growing in multiple locations? Discover the financial impact here

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What’s Next

You are now equipped with the financial knowledge that can completely change the way you view financial planning.  What would you do if you knew that your money would ALWAYS grow, even when you used it to do other things?

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