Nearing Retirement

The Step – Positioning Assets to Maximize Retirement Income

Traditional Retirement Planning has Failed

The first person to successfully summit Mt. Everest was Edmund Hilary in 1953.  As he approached the summit of the world’s highest mountain, he was stopped by a 40-foot wall of rock and ice.  It was, Hillary later wrote, “a formidable looking problem…We realized that at this altitude it might well spell the difference between success and failure.”

Using climbing techniques Edmund Hilary had acquired from previous climbs he jammed his feet, hands and shoulders into a thin crack between a ridge of ice and rock and, as he put it, “levered myself” up the 40 foot wall.  Today this last and most dangerous challenge before the summit of Mt Everest is referred to has the Hillary Step.

What does this have to do with retirement planning?  As it turns out, everything.

If you imagine yourself on the verge of summiting your own financial mountain then this final phase of your retirement planning will likely be the difference between a successful and abundant retirement plan or being part of the headlines heralding a “Retirement Crisis.”

Preparing for retirement is a daunting task.  One that requires consistent disciplined savings, limited loss of capital, and if you’re using traditional financial planning tools, an insane amount of luck.  Let me ask you this do you ever feel confident going into a poker game? Probably not, there are too many variables, and too much bluffing to feel confident in consistent winning.  For many, retirement planning, is the same as gambling.  Why?

You have worked too hard, saved too much, to watch it all fade away in investments that you don’t control.  In this section you will learn the three essential steps to retirement income planning:

Step 1: Protect what you have already accumulated 

Step 2:  Reposition assets for income

Step 3: Strategically grow assets (Bridge the gap)


Video Series: Preparing for Retirement Income

The true purpose to all savings is income.  Discover the challenges & solutions to having the retirement you deserve.

SunsetLet me know if this sounds familiar. Every adviser you have ever talked to has drilled in the same thing. Max out your 401(k), get your company match, that automatic savings set aside from each paycheck is what will ensure a secure retirement.

With that hard earned savings you are told to trust your financial adviser who will pick a well diversified portfolio of stocks, bonds and mutual funds. Or even better, he can help you chose an index fund or target date fund that will take all the hard work of portfolio rebalancing, dollar-cost averaging, and all the other too-complicated-for-the-average-investor stuff and put it on autopilot for you so you can have more time to spend at your job, enjoying a hobby or with your family, all without the worry of whether your retirement days will be like you dream about. Set it and forget it. Its all taken care of.

While specifics vary, almost everyone I talk with tells a familiar story. And really, that’s why you are here, right? Something about the story sold to us every day by our financial advisers, HR reps and CPAs just doesn’t sound right. The evidence is overwhelming; these tired strategies are NOT WORKING.

So why do we persist hoping for a different result?

From the outside, your plan feels just like everyone else’s plan so how could it be wrong? There is a comforting feeling that you are doing what you are told is the right thing to build your retirement. But on the inside, deep down you feel like the numbers just aren’t adding up. That there are huge holes in the story being told. You’re probably scared about the next market crash or worse yet, if you’ll ever be able to retire.

After the last few market crashes you may have watched your retirement account dwindle. Then, over the course of a few years you are told that you did the right thing by hanging in, not acting irrationally, and staying the course. The markets are back. But when you open up your statements, you cant help but think that the only reason your account went up is because you were putting money in. or that yes, you may be back to where you started, but you are 5 or 7 years closer to retirement and only back to where you were, not any further ahead.

In this webinar series you will find out exactly what is wrong with the system that most people use today. The good thing is, once you see the system for what it is, finding a solution is actually quite simple (if you know where to look).

What you will learn in this webinar series is THE BEST retirement strategy. One that will allow you to enter this anticipated date with confidence and peace of mind. Best of all you will learn how you can generate 20-80% more income from the assets you already have with a few simple adjustments.

Don’t keep using the same strategies hoping for a different result.  Financial Independence is closer than you think. Climb Higher.

1. The 6 Challenges of retirement planning

Learn exactly why conventional retirement planning is not working

2. Asset Allocation for maximum income

Learn the three secrets to achieve maximum retirement income

3. Zero Percent Retirement

Discover how to maximize your retirement income by eliminated tax from the equation.  TAX FREE RETIREMENT

Congratulations, you are now know that for those who have control over their financial plan and are using simple strategies explained here that retirement doesn’t have to be a dream.  If we know where you are today, where you need, or want, to be in retirement and we are using tools that you control connecting the dots is a simple strategy.  For help doing so, hire me, your financial guide.

Climb Higher


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